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What is Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)?

Data Science as a Service - miglioretechnologies.comProbably one of the first and most common questions I receive when talking to business owners, managers, and startups is, “what exactly is Data Science as a Service?”. This is totally understandable, as Data Science as a field/industry/job is still in its nascent beginnings, and the term is defined so broadly. In our business, we define Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) as the ability to change one’s business through computation of data. Numerous articles reiterate the shortage of individuals and companies with the experience in the multiple facets that make up Data Science that building out services may be a way to address this scarcity. As with all of the other “as a service” monikers, the goal of DSaaS is to create processes and packages to reduce time to market and deliver results faster. At Migliore Technologies, we take this mantra to heart with every project, identifying areas of reuse, or “cascading” efforts, thereby allowing more time to iterate and produce higher quality work. Some of the services that we have implemented in the Data Science realm in this manner include:

  • Database creation
  • Visualizations and dashboards
  • Parametric model building and delivery
  • Spreadsheet applications and calculators
  • Data loading (ETL) jobs

By creating applications and processes in this format, we standardize and simplify the output, which results in dramatically higher quality and quicker delivery. In many cases we are able to work with your existing codebase, platform architecture, or network infrastructure to refactor in a more modular setup, allowing you to spend more time making business-critical decisions and less time worrying about IT and Data Science overhead.

If you’re interested in hearing more on how we can apply DSaaS to your business, either on new or existing platforms or projects, feel free to contact us today!

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